From Snail Masks to Foot Peels: Korea Does Beauty

Korean beauty products, The Chic Adventurer

Walk down any high street in any mid to large sized city in South Korea and you’ll see a plethora of stores touting all things beauty. Heavily made up employees shout about special offers through microphones and thrust free samples at unassuming passersby in a not-so-subtle attempt to woo them through the doors.

Once inside, it’s a wonderland of products claiming to brighten skin, soften feet, reduce wrinkles, shine your hair and tint your lips. Navigating the brightly packaged products with labels written primarily in Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) can be tricky, but most items are self-explanatory.

Take the incredibly popular face mask sheets for example. Infused with ingredients such as caviar, snail slime, sake, broccoli, celery and egg, these range in price from $1 to $5 and are a lifesaver for tired skin. One friend of mine claimed that her broccoli mask sheet made her skin look better than getting Botox.

I’ve written before about one of my favorite products, Nature Republic’s foot peeling mask. While it did make me feel slightly reptilian as my skin shed for about a week, me feet are always left soft and supple without a callous in sight.

Curious to give Korean beauty a try? I’m giving away a Korean beauty product sample pack including a better-than-Botox face mask sheet. To enter, you’ll receive one point each for taking any of the following actions.

Comment to let me know what you’ve done so I can calculate your points. The person with the most points will see for themselves what Korean beauty is all about! (In the event of a tie, I’ll select one winner at random.) Contest ends on May 10.



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