Where to Eat in Yao Noi, Thailand

Garlic bread at Je T'aime

It’s been two months since Steve and I left the island paradise of Yao Noi, a diminutive Thai island we were lucky enough to call home for four months. Lazy afternoons and sultry evenings saw us wandering the island trying out its selection of restaurants, bars and street food, and although we had a house there, we couldn’t resist playing tourist now and then and splurging on a night at one of the island’s snazzy resorts.

This is a Yao Noi travel series where we’ll give you the scoop on where to eat, drink and stay on this gorgeous piece of the world. Today: Where to eat. Check back later this week for Where to Drink and Where to Stay.

Where to Eat in Yao Noi, Thailand

Je T'aime

Je T’aime

Our favorite restaurant on the island by far, Je T’aime is an innovative mix of Thai and European cuisine where the seafood is so fresh, it lives in a tank in the dining room. Steve and I had the pleasure of befriending the restaurant’s delightful owners, Dora and Stephane, who have the fantastic gift of making everyone who steps foot in the restaurant feel instantly welcome. Stephane rules the kitchen, creating scrumptious treats like Banana Leaf Salad and Thai Spaghetti, while Dora acts as a welcoming hostess ensuring patrons get a tastebud tingling dining experience. Our favorite menu item? It’s a tie between a simple green curry with chicken and the tasty and filling beef massaman curry. Best on the island by far!

Je T’aime is located across the street from 7-11 in the main Market.

Dora and Stephane

Inside Je T'aime

Dinner at Je T'aime

Pyramid Restaurant

Sidling up next to one of our favorite beaches is the casual Pyramid Restaurant, aka the place with the best pizza on the island! The thin/flaky/chewy crust and just right sauce to cheese ratio make it akin to some of the best pizza I’ve ever had–even in Italy! Now, I am one of those people who think pizza is a perfectly balanced meal, and would happily eat it every day. But Steve will have none of my dietary nonsense, and thus he also recommends the burgers and wraps that are also part of the Pyramid’s menu.

The Pyramid is located near the Villaguna Resort on Sabai Beach.

Pyramid Pizza

Street Food Vendor Near 7-11

There’s nothing like a fried and greasy portion of street food, and Yao Noi’s street food scene is no exception. In the island’s main town, also known as “the Market,” a stall pops up nightly next to the ever bustling 7-11. Located on the corner where the island’s three major thoroughfares converge, this stall is constantly packed with families who have squeezed three or four to a motorbike in order to pick up these savory snacks before they sell out. Crispy spring rolls, juicy sausages and all manner of oh-so-worth-the-calories finger foods creates a nightly miasma of gastronomic delight.

Located next to 7-11 in the Market.

Thai Finger food

Street Food in Yao Noi

Two places I do not recommend in Yao Noi?

La Luna – This Italian restaurant has a quaint outdoor ambiance, but the pizza at Pyramid is a thousand times better.

Sabai Corner Restaurant – Although I want to like Sabai Corner because the overwater location is absolutely gorgeous, this place has the most terrible service on the entire island.

Going to Yao Noi? I’m happy to answer any questions! Ask away in the comments, or check out my posts on Where to Drink and Where to Stay in Yao Noi. 

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  4. Hello, i am looking to spend a short week on Koh yao noi and rent bungalows with a view .. i would appreciate your views on
    Baan Tha Khao Bungalow
    Hill House
    Tabeak viewpoint
    thank you in a dance for your attention

    • Hi Tony! What a great decision to go to Yao Noi. I truly miss that place! I am not familiar with Hill House. But, Tabeak Viewpoint bunglaows are up on a hill and have a lovely view of the ocean. Ban Thakao bunglaows don’t have a view, but they are located right across the street from one of the island’s best beaches. Have a wonderful trip!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. Went to Pyramid tonight and definitely agree with your review. Pizza and cheeseburger were so good!

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