The Coffee Date Guides

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As a freelance journalist published in Marie Claire, CNN, Travel + Leisure, Islands and Salon among many others, Leslie Patrick knows a thing or two about the writing business. For the past five years, Leslie has made a living as a working journalist (without a degree in journalism, mind you) and people are constantly asking her how they can do it too. Leslie’s answer? “Let’s go out for coffee and I’ll tell you all about it.”

And that’s how The Coffee Date Guides were born. For the price of a nonfat extra hot cappuccino, Leslie will delve into the details of the job and share the knowledge you need to get started as a freelance journalist or travel writer. From gathering ideas to pitching an editor and writing a query letter to sharing interview tips, Leslie will walk you through the process step by step to ensure you have all the tools necessary to forge a career in the writing business.

Now available on Amazon:

The Coffee Date Guide to Freelance Journalism

The Coffee Date Guide to Travel Writing

The Coffee Date Guide to Freelance Journalism by Leslie Patrick


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