Huarache Sandals Too!

Huaraches in San Miguel de AllendeI purchased the best sandals I’ve ever owned from a street vendor on the side of the road in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The soles were made of old tires and they cost me $10. They were chic, they were cheap and they were one of a kind—all attributes that coalesced to make them my all time favorites. Sadly, these attributes also made them irreplaceable. So four years and two continents later when the straps finally broke, I mourned the tremendous loss to my wardrobe and was saddened that I had no plans to visit Mexico again in the foreseeable future.

The Perfect Pair!

The original Perfect Pair!


Fast forward two years, and circumstances have conspired to bring me back to Mexico (thank you Homeland Security for forcing my British fiancé to leave the U.S.!) where I am once again searching for THE PERFECT pair of sandals.

When my sister visited recently, we decided to go sandal hunting in my new hometown, San Miguel de Allende. And I knew the perfect place. The sprawling Artisan’s Market is overflowing with flowers, pottery, silver, you name it. But what really interested us were the zapaterias (shoe stores!).

We walked the aisles drooling at the beautifully patterned sandals that seemed to be available in every color—lime green anyone? I think not.

Finally settling on the stall that had the largest variety of women’s huaraches we began the try on session. It’s difficult having large feet in countries filled with small footed people, but fortunately the markets here are stocked with all sizes to please consumeristic (and large footed) tourists.

Eeny meeny...

Sarah found her dream pair in the form of a cool reddish hued huarache with a strap across the toe. We decided they were very Anthopologie-esque and would be a unique standout from the crowds of sandals worn on most American feet this summer (she lives in San Francisco). I on the other hand wasn’t so lucky, as none of the choices on hand truly grabbed me (or fit me).

I don’t know if there is a pair out there that can replace my first love, but I swear on my shoe obsession that I’m trying my best to find it.



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    • Good luck finding your perfect pair! I agree about the large feet thing. I wear size 9 and it’s rough. When I lived in Korea it was even worse! Shoe store owners would laugh when I told them my size!

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