Weekly Travel Outfit – Miyajima Island, Japan

I am very honored to have been featured this week on the Glamourous Traveller blog in the Weekly Travel Outfit series. Liyana is THE Glamourous Traveller, and she writes about everything from the best shoes to wear in Europe to testing the best travel towels. Glamourous Traveller is a must read for all you glamorous travelers out there. Thanks, Liyana!

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This week’s Weekly Travel Outfit comes courtesy of Leslie, at ChicAdventures. Read on for an excerpt of her visit there, and more importantly! what she wore.


On a recent trip to Japan, I carved out some time to visit the naturally beautiful Miyajima Island. Located in Hiroshima Bay, the island is famous for the Itsukushima Shrine and it’s striking red gate that looks like it’s floating on the sea. I loved seeing the multitude of unusually tame deer that wander around, and exploring the island’s perfectly manicured Japanese gardens.
Japan was sweltering in the summer when I visited, and I relied heavily on the sandals, tank top and skirt combo, along with a little scarf to show respect when visiting the temples. And don’t forget accessories! I find that sunglasses, bangles and a good pair of hoop earrings will pull any outfit together–I never leave home without them.
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2 responses to “Weekly Travel Outfit – Miyajima Island, Japan

  1. I would agree that this is a stunning place. I took my two sons and a nephew there immediately after visiting the Hiroshima Peace Park Museum, and what a wonderful way to end the day. We experienced the worst of Japan’s past in Hiroshima and then witnessed pure Nippon beauty here at Miyajima Island – something my sons and I’ll never forget.

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