The Traveling Pants

The traveling pants

I’m taking a break from my Indian photo journal to wax rhapsodically about something that many people may find superfluous, but I find quite important. Yes, I’m talking about pants.

When one is traveling for extensive lengths of time, living solely out of a backpack, traversing diverse climates and participating in a wide range of activities, clothing choice becomes crucial. And style addict that I am, I can’t deny that while I want my clothes to be exceedingly functional, I also want it to be a little bit fashionable too. Pants wise, the best solution I have found are Lululemon’s Studio Pants.

The pants in Argentina

These fantastically comfortable and, if I may say, flattering pants have seen me scaling the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, horseback riding in the Andes, and wandering the markets of Darjeeling, India. The waistband is soft and wide and no matter how many samosas one eats (ahem!) there’s no muffin top. The stretchy material is lightweight enough to wear in the heat, yet warm enough for chilly nights in the Himalayas. But perhaps the niftiest feature is the drawstring at the hem, enabling you to wear the pants cinched up as capris if the day becomes a scorcher, or if you’re simply worried that your hems will drag in mucky streets (ahem, again).

The pants in the Himilayas

Sport pants that don’t look too sporty, comfortable enough to wear to bed and chic enough to wear out to dinner? Now those are the kind of versatile pants I’m talking about.

Although the price seems steep at $108, I have lived in mine for months on end, making the cost per wear diminish to somewhere in the pennies. Get a pair!

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