Darjeeling in Pictures

Darjeeling!Upon arrival in the Himalayan mountain town of Darjeeling, I promptly fell ill with a nasty stomach bug. Though the unexpected sickness has caused us to stay four days more than we planned, it has also given us a taste of this dilapidated hill station that was once a popular escape for the British.

On my daily rehabilitative walks enforced by my doting nurse Steve, I was entranced by this city clinging to the hillside. Dirt strewn alleys, stray dogs, mist covered tea plantations and a hodgepodge of religions and cultures make for a fascinating locale. To read more about Darjeeling, check out Steve’s latest blog post which paints a vibrant picture of the city and it’s inhabitants.

I’m going back to bed to recuperate, but I promise to dive back into the blog next week when I am fully recovered. For now, I’ll leave you with these shots of the city.

Clinging to the hills of the Himalayas

Darjeeling Fed Ex

A Darjeeling home

Alleys of Darjeeling

Horse jaw

Sewing saris

Old woman knitting

Holy cow

Tea fields of Darjeeling

Kangchenjunga - third highest in the world

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