Irish Eyes

From pubs as numerous as Starbucks, to Georgian-style homes with a rainbow of colored doors, to the malty frothing liquid known as Guinness, Dublin is an amazing city. I have spent the past four days trekking through cobblestoned alleyways, across the River Liffey, and down bustling thoroughfares, only to discover that each corner holds a surprising find more charming than the last. Take the Palace Bar for instance. This idyllic pub is tucked down a corner of Temple Bar, an area by the River Liffey. The thing about Irish pubs is that they are all so history filled – the Palace Bar has been around since the 1820's, and it's one of the younger pubs! We met some quintessential Irishmen—right down to their tweed caps and argyle socks— who were happy to exchange stories and tell us about Irish history.
Another great pub is the Brazen Head, the hostory of which dates back to the 1100's. The sense of time and place in Ireland is truly mind blowing.

More later from the Emerald Isle!

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