Don’t Drink the Water, Drink the Margaritas

Our taxi bumps and jostles it's way down cobbled side streets in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "Where is this place?" my sister comments. It's a good question, for our gastronomic destination is off the beaten path of the tourist-ridden seaside Malecon. Vivid, multi colored flags flap delicately in the subtle wind preceeding a storm, and the taxi pulls up underneath them. "Pipi's," he says. We are exuberatly greeted by a committee of smiling waiters, then whisked off to a small table in the back corner. Mariachi music blasts from overhead accompanied by the interminable whirr of ceiling fans.

We chose Pipi's because of their cheeky slogan, "Don't drink the water, drink the margaritas," so of course we ordered two of the pineapple variety right off. Moments later, behemoth margaritas arrived on out table in glasses more resembling the soup bowl family of serving dish than glasses. Sarah and I valiantly began drinking—there was no time to waste if we planned to finish these before we left. Alejandro, the guacamole maker, appears table-side with a tray of fresh ingredients—avocados, tomatos, cilantro, etc.—and whipped up the freshest, most delicious guacamole my connoisseur sister had ever tasted. We decided to order the chicken enchiladas, which were an absolute study in perfect Mexican food. Meanwhile, we had only sucked down half of the gigantic margaritas.

After taking a photo with the super friendly waiters (perhaps it helped that Sarah and I are both tall and blonde?) under the "…drink the margaritas" sign, we proceed to do just that—determined to finish the beverage before we leave. We were successful in our endeavor, as proven by the way we doggedly stumble out the door and back down into the cobbled streets below.

Verdict? Go to Pipi's and do as they recommend—drink the margaritas!

Pipi's Restaurant Bar
Guadalupe Sanchez #807
Colonia Centro
Puerto Vallarta, Jal, Mexico
Tel: +52 (322) 223-2767

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