Five Books You Need Now

Okay, okay so this post isn’t about a chic adventure. But, reading is attractive and attractive is a synonym for chic. Justification made! 

Along with eat more vegetables and stick to my yoga routine, each year I vow I will read 100 books. Sadly, life intervenes and I usually only make it to the halfway mark (48 this year) before the calendar ticks over again 12 months later. But daunted I am not. I will faithfully plod towards my goal year after year to fill my life with stories and knowledge.

There are always a million time-sucking reasons why I don’t make it to my goal, but this year’s reason trumps them all—I’ve published two books myself. I’m thrilled to have entered author land, and what makes it even better is that so did three other important people in my life (two for the second time)—my fiancé, a good friend and my writing mentor. Below, the five books that I’m the most proud of this year!

I Have Lived Today by Steven Moore

I Have Lived Today

A historical fiction novel by Steven Moore (my fiancé)

Released on October 8, Steve’s book has been on fire ever since. Receiving rave reviews and being compared to Dickens, I Have Lived Today is a coming of age adventure story that takes place in 1960s England. Dark and twisting at times, the characters and imagery are beguiling and most people who pick this book up have a hard time putting it down.

Following Football by John Hopton

Following Football

A sporty travelogue by John Hopton (a good friend)

Although I’m a relatively new football/soccer fan (having an English fiancé will do that to a girl), I was intrigued by John’s latest book about the pursuit of the game around the globe. References to football’s history, legends and statistics sometimes went over my head, but that was okay since the rest of the book is filled with rollicking travel stories of John’s adventures and misadventures on four continents. He visits football stadiums and chats to footy fans worldwide as he makes his way to the World Cup in Brazil. Lough out loud funny, it’s a fantastic read. John is also the author of the novel, Three Little Boys.

The Freelance Writer's Guide to Making $1,000 More This Month by Mridu Khullar Relph

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Making $1,000 More This Month

A how-to guide for established freelancers by Mridu Khullar Relph (my writing mentor)

I will read anything this woman writes (you should too, her website is The International Freelancer), because she is just so savvy, sensible and honest. She’s not afraid to experiment with her career, and she’s not afraid to share all the details—both good and bad. In this book, she divulges her best tips about how she increased her monthly income and gives writers scores of doable advice. I plan to incorporate every piece of information from this book into my career in 2015, and I can’t wait to see the results. Based on past advice I’ve taken from Mridu, I’m sure those results will be massive.

The Coffee Date Guide to Freelance Journalism by Leslie Patrick

The Coffee Date Guide to Travel Writing by Leslie Patrick

The Coffee Date Guide to Freelance Journalism and The Coffee Date Guide to Travel Writing

How-to books for aspiring freelance writers by Leslie Patrick

My Coffee Date Guides series arose from the many aspiring writers who have asked me to help them get started in their careers by asking me to share what I know over coffee. Steve planted a seed in my head over the summer, that I should turn all the question and answer sessions from my coffee dates into an ebook for new writers, and that is precisely what I have done. The first two books in the four part series are available now on Amazon, and the last two, The Coffee Date Guide to Copywriting and The Coffee Date Guide to Blogging will be published within the next two months.

With two more books coming out in 2015, this may not be the year I reach my 100 book goal. But I’ve discovered that writing books is just about as great as reading them, and I’m thrilled to be able to call myself a published author—and in such good company, too.

2 responses to “Five Books You Need Now

  1. Leslie, congratulations on publishing two books! I can only imagine how good that must feel. You and Steve are quite the publishing powerhouse! 🙂 Here’s wishing you both a very Happy New Year! All the best, Terri

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