French Kiss!

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If you’ve ever read my International Beauty column on the California-based fashion and beauty blog, The Penny Rose, you’ll know that I have what could be termed an ‘addiction’ to lip balm. I’ll estimate that I’ve tried hundreds of different brands in my adult life (you know, after I graduated from watermelon flavored lip smackers), but it’s the rare product that actually wins a coveted place in my purse.

While I find many balms are actually drying instead of hydrating, leave an unbecoming white residue on one’s lips, or have that annoying over-the-top pepperminty tingle, others are so perfect that before you’ve even left the store, you’re already thinking about how to replenish your supply. (Maybe it’s only me that does that…does this lip balm ship to South Korea?)

On a recent assignment in Bordeaux, I spotted my lovely interpreter and guide (of course she was lovely…she’s French!) applying lip balm from a very oddly shaped container. Imagine a mini stick of deodorant.

“What is that?” I couldn’t help asking.

“It’s Noviderm Boréade R soothing lip balm stick,” she said, reading the label in her charmingly accented English. “It’s really soothing. I have sensitive skin and my doctor recommended it.”

I have sensitive skin too, so I was immediately sold. Once I learned that it is all natural and the main ingredient is peptides of quinoa (I love quinoa), I insisted that we embark to the nearest pharmacy right away.

After a few tries, we hit on a store that carried the brand. I snapped up one tube in order to give it the 24-hour test before I bought more. Turns out that was a serious mistake. I love the stuff, and every single subsequent pharmacy I went to didn’t carry it! Fortunately, I found an online source, and though international shipping is steep, at least I don’t live in panic that I won’t be able to replace my favorite new lip treat.

Find Noviderm Boréade R here, or in select pharmacies on your next trip to France.




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