Assignments and Books and Moving, Oh My!


It’s been a little quiet on The Chic Adventurer blog as of late, but that quietude has not extended to my day to day life. Before I get back to posting about chic adventures around the globe, I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s happening to Steve and I in San Miguel de Allende so you’ll know I haven’t been ignoring you Chic Adventurer fans on purpose.

In mid September, I spent a week on assignment in Guatemala, researching an article about Mayan chocolate. I was smothered in chocolate, ate chocolate, drank chocolate, made chocolate, learned about the history of chocolate…you get the idea.


Steve and I have had a hectic few months, what with him putting the finishing touches on his novel and me being awash in writing assignments and working on my own book. So what did we do to relax? Spend a week at an all inclusive resort in Costa Rica! I flew straight there after Guatemala to rendezvous with Steve.


One week back in our Mexican home, and it was off to France for another assignment. This time, instead of discovering chocolate and Mayan ruins, I was learning about terroir and viticulture. A week of wine tasting, and touring the chateaux and vineyards of Bordeaux? Steve wasn’t jealous at all.


photo (1)

Upon arrival back in Mexico from Bordeaux, I met up with my sister and her family who were visiting from San Francisco. We toured Teotihuacan and Mexico City before returning to San Miguel de Allende.


Last Wednesday was…drumroll please…the launch party for Steve’s debut novel, I Have Lived Today. The party was a great success, with over 40 guests, and it was held on the most beautiful roof top in all of San Miguel—the Terraza Nena perched atop the Hotel Nena. It was a great way to launch the book, which is now for sale on Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions.


The latest globetrotting news? We’ve rented out our house for the next year and we’ll be heading back to South Korea on November 8. Only nine more days to enjoy the central Mexico sunshine before we trade it for the gloomy skies of autumn in east Asia. Steve will be teaching ESL and I’ll be writing. Hey, we’ve got to pay off our new house somehow!

And the latest writing news from me is that I’m working on an ebook about how to get started in the freelance writing business. So many people ask me if they can take me out for coffee and pick my brain about writing. Thus, The Coffee Date Guide to Freelance Journalism was born! I’m currently in the editing phase, but I anticipate a launch date of December 1.

So you see, it’s been a busy few months, but I have posts about Mayan ruins, chocolate martinis, the world’s best pizza, lots of wine, and a new winner to France’s best éclair competition starting on Monday, so please watch this space!

Book Launch Party Photo Credit: Sean Reagan Photography

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