The Chic Adventurer and The Twenty First Century Nomad Are Engaged!

Leslie and Steve

I first met Steve at a Saint Patrick’s Day party in South Korea in 2011. The unusual cataclysm of cultures is not lost on me, and we’ve been staying true to those multicultural roots ever since our unlikely meeting. An Englishman and an American girl meet in South Korea on an Irish holiday, fall in love, and have made it our mission to explore the world as a couple ever since. Together, we’ve traveled to some of the world’s farthest corners like the Indian Himalayas and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. We lived on a tiny island in Thailand, and currently we inhabit an even tinier apartment in Paris. But these feats are nothing compared to out next adventure–we’re getting married!

We’ve deliberated long and hard and decided that in order to remain as an unstoppable duo in the world, we’ll get that piece of paper and declare ourselves official. As many multinational couples know, there is always that concern of being separated over something as seemingly benign as a visa. But when said visa stands between you and your dearest love, it has the potential to become an insurmountable hurdle. Once we’re married, we’ll more easily navigate the world’s bureaucratic red tape, and if we’re lucky, we’ll never have to endure a forced separation.

So what’s the plan? We’re currently living in one of the world’s smallest apartments in Montmartre, Paris, where we’ll shop for an antique engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. When my 90-day tourist visa to the EU expires, Steve will get 90 days of his own in the US where we will live and work in my native San Francisco. The autumn months are as yet undetermined, but our path will eventually lead us to the whimsical, fairy tale city of Prague, where we’ll tie the knot on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t know where 2015 will take me, or where the rest of my life will take me for that matter, but I’m ready to face the unknown as one half of an unstoppable duo with Steven Moore.

9 responses to “The Chic Adventurer and The Twenty First Century Nomad Are Engaged!

  1. Leslie , this is SO wonderful! Congrats to you and Steve. And on a fascinating note about your important dates – it’s actually one of those “when universes converge” surprises – March 17 is when James and I got married … And December 31 is my birthday! We were obviously destined to meet you guys! 🙂 ~Terri

  2. Such a lovely love story. I am so happy for you and Steve. May your life be filled with joy, happiness, and love forever. Love you lots Leslie.

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