Taco Heaven Found in Ubud, Bali

Taco Casa, Ubud, Bali

For many people, traveling is an opportunity to expand their culinary palate–to taste flavors and experience textures one simply can’t find at the local supermarket. But those tarantula legs in Cambodia, dried silkworm larvae in Korea and escargot in Paris are not my idea of a good trip. In fact, I may be the least adventurous eater on the planet–except when it comes to Mexican food. Whether it’s a hole in the wall taco joint in Seoul or a South of the border bistro in Siem Reap, I’m always on the lookout for the world’s best enchilada and eager to sample anything slathered in salsa.

Menu at Taco Casa

So when Steve and  I ambled upon Taco Casa in Ubud, Bali, I knew precisely what we were eating for dinner.

The menu was filled with burritos, tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas (these foreign words were even spelled correctly, the first sign that the restauranteurs know their Mexican) but would they be truly authentic 9,724 miles away from Mexico? Our meal began with the nachos grande, and from the first bite, bursting with refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, jalepenos and tender grilled chicken, I knew my tastebuds were in business.

Nachos Grande at Taco Casa

Over the 12 days we spent in Ubud, we ate at Taco Casa a total of 10 times, causing the waitresses to double over with laughter more and more each time we stepped through the door. But the more we tasted–chicken quesadillas with black beans, eight layer wet burritos, veggie enchiladas–the less interested we were in eating anywhere else.

Veggie Enchiladas at Taco Casa

I may be a gastronomically challenged traveler, but as a California native, Mexican food is one thing I am always game to try.

Love my Taco Casa!Want more Mexican in Southeast Asia? Check out my previous post, 3 Authentic Mexican Restaurants in Southeast Asia.


7 responses to “Taco Heaven Found in Ubud, Bali

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  2. Ten times in 12 days! That must be some kind of record Leslie, but I can relate. Experimentation is fine, but when we’ve been on the road a while, as you guys have, it’s about good, reliable food. We found a nice place in Ubud and ate there 3 days straight. And we lived in Texas, where I got hopelessly addicted to Mexican food, so I have to get my fix periodically. Your photos make me hungry, and it’s breakfast time here. ~James

    • It’s a bit embarrassing to admit I suppose, but I am one of the world’s pickiest eaters and when I find something I like, I roll with it! What was the restaurant you liked in Ubud? There were so many great places to eat, and many with gorgeous views of the rice paddies. We loved it!

  3. Holy crap! Ten times… that has to be a new record. I love it. Mexican food is worth whatever embarrassment you may (or may not!) have felt each time the waitress laughed at you.

    Um, gonna have to eat some Mexican food now, you’ve set my cravings into motion.

      • Last night, I scouted out the best Mexican in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for you (/also for me hehe) and just let me know when you’re on your way, because oh my gosh, I would almost move across the street just to be near this Mexican food place named Casa Rasta. Fried plantains, citrusy pork, spicy bean dip… I’ll be dreaming of this place. You would love it, if you even slightly like Mexican, which clearly you do. 🙂

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