Philosophy by Mr. Poong

Steve’s blog post about our favorite character on Yao Noi – bar captain, Mr. Poong!

Twenty First Century Nomad

Pong 7

We’ve met some great characters during our time here on Koh Yao Noi, but without a doubt our favorite is Mr. Poong. Aside from our hammocks and the beach, the place we seem to spend most of our time is at his ‘STEPONE BAR.’

Pong 11

In the dozen or so times we’ve been, Leslie and I are always the only guests, and happily sip beers as Mr. Poong regales us with tales from his interesting life.

61 year old Mr. Poong hails from Burma, and is a retired sea captain, former chief of police and one time high school teacher, who came to Koh Yao Noi to escape death. We expected something like a violent military coup, or landslide or murder. No. Of his retirement he says, “If I stay in Burma I die. Nothing to do just eat and drink.”

He doesn’t need to work, he tells us, but running this…

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