D Cube City: Makes You Feel Like Walking in the Woods

D Cube City

My current assignment for AFAR magazine has left me scouring my mind, friend’s minds, photos and the internet in search of all the latest and greatest happenings in Seoul. One thing that came to mind is D Cube City, a space age shopping wonderland where I hunkered down during a typhoon with my friend Annie last year.

Dripping wet and eager to find the Taco Bell we knew was located in the mall’s food court, we saw the following sign: We invite you to a shopping place where you can buy style and trend in the environmentally friendly space that makes you feel like walking in the woods. Oh Korea, how I love your quirky verbiage–may you never change!

Walking in the woods? I don't think so.

Walking in the woods? I don’t think so.

After a good laugh, we gorged on hot sauce drenched tacos and bean burritos (if you happen to be an American living in Korea, you will completely understand this strange urge for Taco Bell), then explored the mall to pass the typhoon.

Our two favorites?

Ben’s Cookies – Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie slathered in vanilla ice cream? Heaven.

Francfranc – Home decor store decked out with quirky tchotchkes and amazing office furniture. I coveted the Schiaparelli pink leather desk chair, but refrained from indulging. (The staff here is very anti-photo, so please excuse the blur of this secretive shot.)

Annie demonstrating a massager at Francfranc

Annie demonstrating a massager at Francfranc

Runners up included the huge Burt’s Bees shop in the basement (hello, lip balm!) and the two story H&M–a godsend for western sized women in Korea! Plus there are the standard Korean favorites such as Bean Pole, Aritaum and Codes Combine.

Although Annie and I were a captive audience while the storm raged outside, we both agreed we would eagerly visit D Cube City again–if simply to get that “walking in the woods” feeling one more time!

Want to go? Exit at the Sindorim subway station. Address: 662 Gyeongin-ro, Guro-gu, southwestern Seoul. 


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