Kilimanjaro Summit Climb: Charity Mountain Trek Challenge

This isn’t your average post on the Chic Adventurer, but it’s one that I’m hoping will spread the word for a very worthy cause. Please read below to see how a hike up Kilimanjaro can change the world. 

Charity Trek

Sadly, most of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetimes, either directly or due to someone we love being diagnosed. Please take a moment to read my friend’s appeal below, and if you can spare a few pounds, dollars, won, baht or whatever currency you have, then please donate to this very worthy cause.

In 2003, our son Oscar was just 2½ when he was diagnosed with a tumor in his stomach. He spent two years fighting an immense battle undergoing chemo & radiotherapy, spending a lot of time away from home. Sadly he lost his fight for life shortly before his 5th birthday on December 15, 2005. As a testament to his amazing strength and courage myself, and Oscar’s brother Elliot, are climbing Kilimanjaro in a bid to raise as much money as we can for charity, to help other families in similar situations. – Jon Reynolds

If cancer is a cause close to your heart, please feel free to repost, Tweet, Pin, Facebook “like” or email this post to help it spread around the world in order to boost the donations for what is an amazing and worthy cause that truly affects us all. 

For more information or to make a donation, please click here.




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