Have Style, Will Travel: Interview with Glamourous Traveller

The Chic Adventurer blog is all about the coalescence of travel and style. I firmly believe that the two can go hand in hand, and so does my fellow blogger, Liyana aka Glamourous Traveller.

Liyana aka Glamourous Traveller

An avid traveler and lover of fashion and style, Liyana was bitten by the travel bug when she moved from Malaysia to the United States to study abroad when she was 19. Since then, she has worked in jobs that have indulged her globetrotting penchant, and she also travels for pleasure at every chance she can get. Liyana’s passport has become more colorful by the year, ensuring that she’s perfected the art of traveling with style. From dusty streets in Phnom Penh to pretty cafes in Amsterdam to the icy crags of an Argentine glacier, Liyana believes that one’s style doesn’t have to be left behind like that bottle of water at airport security.

The Chic Adventurer has recently caught up with Glamourous Traveller to pick her brain on everything from the art of packing light to her favorite shopping cities.

How would you describe your personal style?

I am what I like to dub “Elegantly Eclectic.” I love mixes of things, from material to color to style. I can be clean and sleek and chic one day, and go completely bohemian the next. My only rule–at least try to make it look good, elegant and not sloppy.

How do you stay true to your personal style on the road?

I usually plan out my packing in advance (usually in the lull during work). I make sure to bring things that can easily be dressed up or dressed down, easy to travel with and wrinkle free, and also bright and colorful enough to feed my personal preference. When in doubt, I usually also have a large collection of accessories that I bring with me.

What is your favorite shopping city?

Without a doubt Paris or Amsterdam for the coolest vintage retro wear. I love visiting Depot-vente’s to get awesome secondhand or vintage gear. My favorite find has had to be a Christian Dior skirt from the 80’s that was for sale in a small vintage shop in Amsterdam. For fun, funky, cheap and easy disposable clothes, nothing beats Bangkok.

What are three fashion or beauty items that you can’t live without when you travel?

Should one day I find myself traveling without my arsenal of accessories I would likely feel naked to the core. No bling?! Omg! What would I do!! Also a pair of flats is essential. As much as I like looking put together when I travel, I like having the knowledge that I’m not about to inflict myself with pain by walking around the city for seven hours in high heels.

When you’re on the road and need to get ready in a rush, what is your quick and easy beauty routine?

Maybe I’m one of those weird girls that don’t really carry makeup with me (since it tends to melt and run down my face when traveling in humid Asia–not attractive). But to dress my face up a bit, I usually grab my Bobbi Brown black liquid eyeliner for my top eyelid, and some pink or red lipstick. I have thick lips, so if I don’t put some color on them I end up looking like a zombie.

What beauty products would we find in your carry on bag?

I usually carry at least one hair tie and some hair clips since getting my hair to behave can be quite a battle. I now tend to carry a tiny makeup bag filled with the eyeliner, hair tie, hair clips and one lipstick “in case” I have an emergency fancy schmancy thing I need to get ready for… or if I might bump into Bradley Cooper.

What are your top two tips for packing light?

1. Think about what you want to bring with you. Unless there is a very specific reason why you don’t want to be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice, a majority of what you want to wear should always be recyclable. If more than one-third of what you’re bringing can only be worn once and on its own (i.e. a  bustier dress) then you should consider re-packing. Having one “standalone” special item should be more than enough.

2. Never bring more than three pairs of shoes. Unless you’re about to go into three different climates during one trip (then by all means, go crazy), three should be more than enough. I’ve made the mistake before of bringing an extra pair “just in case” and looked at it woefully when a) I never ended up wearing it and b) it was taking up precious shopping booty space.

Liyana aka Glamourous Traveller

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