Five Beauty Items I Never Travel Without

Chillin at Angkor

No matter where I am headed or what type of trip I have planned, there are a few beauty items that I am loath to leave home without. SInce I began traveling full-time over two years ago, I’ve been forced to narrow my beauty essentials down to the barest of bones. These five items have come out as clear winners, accompanying me even if I’m taking the tiniest of carry-ons or the lightest of backpacks.

1. Nars Multiple. I’m not the kind of girl that carries an entire makeup arsenal in her luggage. In fact, I rarely wear makeup at all. But for special occasions and dates with Steve where I want to feel “pretty”, I can’t live without my Nars Multiple. This multi-purpose color stick has traveled with me around the world, bringing a delicate flush to my eyes, lips and cheeks whether they be in a small town in Ireland or the concrete jungle of Bangkok. My favorite color is the cheekily named “orgasm.” The best thing? One tube lasts me over a year.

Nars Multiple=LOVE!

2. Vaseline. In my humble opinion, Vaseline is a wonder product. Basically, it can do no wrong. This gooey emollient can go from a glossy lip balm to the ultimate blister soothing ointment. Use it as a lightweight lotion to sooth dry skin or use a minuscule dab to smooth eyebrows for that polished finish. The tiny, pocket sized container of this magical goo is my constant companion worldwide.

3. Kai rollerball perfume. A fact of life is, there are times you just don’t smell nice. Standing in line in the sun for two hours on the Thai Cambodian border for instance, or after an overnight bus from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh. For the times you wish a shower were possible, but remains a distant dream, I like to have a little something that makes me feel refreshed and smells ever so delightful. For me, this is the delicate floral scent of Kai. It gets the boyfriend stamp of approval, plus, it comes in the cutest, tiny rollerball container, meaning there are no surprise spills.

4. A hat and sunglasses. You may not consider these items beauty products, but I certainly do, and here are a few reasons why! a. Nothing is worse than a bad hair day, and a hat covers all manner of sins. b. The right hat and glasses duo can add a chic dose of allure to any outfit. c. Hats and sunglasses protect your face from the sun (do you know how bad squinting is?), thus diminishing future wrinkles–what beauty products can claim as much?

On top of the world in Bangkok

5. Sunscreen. This one seems so obvious, yet it shocks me how many people don’t consider it essential. I have sensitive skin, thus my favorite drugstore brand of screen is Aveeno. For lips, I particularly love the Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner with SPF 15. Tip: Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the backs of your hands and where you part your hair–two oft forgotten places.


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