Hot Off the Presses!

Yao Yai, Thailand

With the skies above Yai Noi a cloudless blue for the first time in weeks, Steve and I packed a lunch, put the motorbike on a long boat and high tailed it to Yao Yai for the day on assignment for an in-flight travel magazine. Let’s just say a tumble off the motorbike and too much sun left me bruised and weary, thus the full story with pics of Yao Yai will be out tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I arrived home to the great news that two recent pieces I’ve written have been published, and I decided to post links to them here should anyone be the tad bit interested.

The first, The Fashion Issue 2013: The Penny Rose for Your Thoughts, was published in my hometown newspaper, Good Times, in which I feature The Penny Rose–a fantastic Santa Cruz based fashion and beauty blog founded and edited by style maven Christa Martin.

The second, Seven Lessons Learned as a Solo Female Traveler, is a guest post I wrote for the up-and-coming online travel magazine and blog, Generation Passport.



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