Aliens Survive Visa Run Car Crash

Rather than write a whole new post about my car accident in Bangkok over the weekend, I thought I would just re-post the words of the Twenty First Century Nomad…fellow crash survivor. Don’t worry, we are ok–just a bit shaken up!

Twenty First Century Nomad

aliensWith the 30 posts in 30 days 2013 blogathon now a thing of the past, I’m back to posting after an eventful 10 day visa run to Cambodia.

Now, I consider myself quite a well seasoned traveler, with almost 50 countries visited over a span of 20 years. Leslie, too, at over 30. But, even the most experienced nomads can make mistakes. Right? And that we did. We assumed that upon entry to Thailand, we’d automatically receive a 60 day tourist visa…that’s how it used to be the first few times I came here. So when we arrived at the Cambodia border on our visa run, imagine the shock when told, “Sorry, you’re illegal aliens, 19 days over your visa allowance. Please pay 8,000 Baht…each! ($260/£170)”

Disappointing, to say the least. With a frantic dash to the nearby bank…no doubt strategically placed for this exact reason…and grateful for my…

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