Wild, wild week!


The past week has been a tumultuous, yet exciting, ride! Steve and I left our home in Thailand last Thursday for a visa run to Cambodia, at the border of which we realized we had accidentally (and very stupidly) overstayed our Thai visas. A few hundred dollars later, we were welcomed into Cambodia, a country I have loved ever since I first visited back in 2009.

Siem Reap, the home of the mysterious and exotic temples of Angkor has therefore been our interim home this week as we wait for our visas to be processed. I can’t deny that the town has indelible charms, and has seriously captivated our imaginations…should we move here? The possibility has been a hot topic of conversation over many a lunch or dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Viva–a Mexican cafe that, while not anything like my beloved Santa Cruz taquerias, is a darn good substitute!

Though sadly I have had to spend much of the week working (my latest article was recently published on Salon.com–exciting!), I’ve still had a few opportunities to explore this laid-back little tourist town, which I will be blogging about in greater detail next week (everything from Angkor Wat to a hip art gallery…so much to catch up on!). I’ll be writing on a regular schedule from our house in Yao Noi, Thailand once again starting Monday–if we actually get our visas back on time that is!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this mini photo essay of our time in Siem Reap thus far.

Sunrise at Angkor


I've Been Framed

Basket full of puppy

Bucket boy

The 1961 Gallery



Photos by Steven Moore




8 responses to “Wild, wild week!

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  3. GORGEOUS PHOTOS Steve and Leslie! I really wanted to go to Siam Reap for Chuseok but prices have soared! For now I live vicariously through your blogs!

    • Aww, hope you can find a flight soon…Air Asia just started flying there last month, so maybe that will help lower the flight prices. Hope you are well, and thanks for reading and sharing the blog! xo

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