Chicest City: Miami, Florida

Leslie at the Leslie, Ocean Drive, Miami Beach

When deciding on my pick for chicest city, a swirl of locations popped into my pondering head. Paris is probably the world’t most quintessentially chic city, but would have seemed too obvious a choice. My next thought was Singapore, but when I visited the southeast Asian mecca I thought “this reminds me of Miami.” Thus Miami wins the day by process of elimination.

Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida

Other than watching CSI: Miami and hearing Will Smith’s famous tune, I knew next to nothing about the city before I arrived–it simply happened to be the cheapest package deal on Travelocity.

What I found was a funky and fashionable place, where quirky art deco buildings mingle with glimmering high rise hotels, and the star spangled night clubs of fabled South Beach stand in stark contrast with hole-in-the-wall taquerias. Delectable delights from Little Havana vie for attention with Miami-founded Burger King, while diners with a penchant for hobnobbing can nosh at chic eateries Prime 112 or Nobu with a price tag to match the glamorous surroundings.

Lifeguard Station, Miami Beach, Florida

In short, Miami is unexpected.

There with my sister, Sarah York, on a girl’s getaway, we only had five days to explore, two of which were to be spent island hopping in the nearby Keys. Thus we needed to make the most of Miami pronto. Armed with a hastily purchased guidebook, here were our top three must sees in Miami:

1. South Beach–What more could you ask for than miles of sugary sand, beautiful people and a handful of whimsically painted lifeguard stations thrown in for good measure? On a side note, we stumbled upon Jerry’s Famous Deli, an old fashioned, New York style deli we simply couldn’t get enough of.

2. News Cafe–This trendy breakfast place serves up a mean benedict, and possible sightings of the latest Hollywood starlets. No Kardashians there the day we were.

3. Ocean Drive–Lined with palms and dripping with decadence, we discovered that Ocean Drive is the place to dine, drink and dance the night away in Miami. We loved all the photo ops of this picturesque stretch, but being the fashionistas that we fancy ourselves, we had a keen interest to spot the Versace mansion.

Playing around on Ocean Drive

What’s your pick for chicest city? 

Photos by Leslie Patrick and courtesy of


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