Part 2–Chicest Surprise: A Night in Paradise

The Dock

If you read yesterday’s blog, you may have wondered at the brevity. Well dear readers, to put it simply, I stumbled into Paradise– a place where one has no thoughts for banalities such as iPhone chargers…

How did I fall haplessly into Paradise, you may ask? The story is below:

After a gray and gloomy week, finally a fine day shone bright above our little island in the Andaman Sea. After tossing the beach-y necessities like swimsuits, sunscreen and Kindles in a backpack, we were off on our motorbike ready to explore.

A spot on our map we had been itching to visit, simply titled “Big Tree,” was the intended destination while the treacherous dirt roads were dry enough to navigate. The jungle was thick, the roads were rutted, but we bravely drove toward our mysterious destination.

Deep gullies engulfed the eroding road as we drove up hills that made our motorbike cough and sputter, but there was no “Big Tree” in sight. The path ended here: The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort and Spa.

Beach in Paradise

We wandered into the back of the lush resort (the guests arrive in a much more civilized way: by boat) and asked if we were near the “Big Tree.” It was an hour and a half away and only accessible by foot, we were told. Also, we would need a guide. However, we were welcome to wander through the Paradise. Smile, smile.

But Paradise it was. Limestone cliffs towered above a sparkling jade lagoon, and the golden stretch of sand was softly inviting. “Would they mind if we had a swim?” They would not. We made ourselves at home on the beach loungers, blissfully enjoying our semi-gate crashing experience.

Pool at the ParadiseWe indulged in lunch and a couple of drinks, speculating about the price of a night spent in Paradise. $200? $300? Even $400? Nope, only $85. Still, when your monthly rent is only $300…

Being of a spontaneous (or as my BF might say, crazy) disposition, next time Steve went for a swim, I surreptitiously booked a room on the sly. Later, when Steve mentioned it was time to leave, I said, “I have a confession.” He said, “you haven’t booked a f****** room have you?” My sheepish smile gave it away.

The rest of the evening was spent walking along the beach, dining under the stars and laughing over our discovery of the “Big Tree.”

Indulging in my Hammock LovePhotos by Steven Moore

7 responses to “Part 2–Chicest Surprise: A Night in Paradise

  1. It’s posted now. Thanks again, it’s always very much appreciated! 🙂
    (Tempted to write that twice – now idea how that happened above, guess we were just SO excited about your post 🙂 )

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