Chicest Cheese Plate: Montage, Laguna Beach, California

Heavenly Cheese

I‘m a huge cheese fan. Give me your creamy bries, your salty edams and your vintage cheddars–I don’t discriminate, but treat them all with equal zeal. Or so I thought until I was exposed to cheeses I’d never even heard of, let alone tasted.

At Montage Laguna Beach hotel, my cheese palate was enhanced by the on staff frommagier, a specialist whose entire job is to consult with guests, assist them in choosing a selection of cheeses from the 100 available choices, and pair them with an inspired accompaniment of sauces, breads, fruits, nuts and wines. After the frommagier conversed with me to ascertain my likes and definite dislikes (sorry bleu cheese), he emerged with a plate of what I can only describe as the most exquisite (and dare I say expensive?) cheese that has ever crossed my lips.

Creamy camembert with raspberry compote, an extra sharp cheese of the cheddar variety paired with salted caramel, crumbly sheep’s milk with dried apricot and one more which I didn’t enjoy as much so sadly don’t recall. This plate of dairy was washed down with a couple of glasses of a crisp Chilean sauvignon blanc.

I’ve been asked the question, would you rather have a personal chef or a personal trainer? Now I know the answer. I’d rather have a personal frommagier.




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