Chicest Spa Treatment: Pixie Tangerine Body Polish, Spa Ojai, California

Spa Ojai

The Ojai Valley Inn is a magical place. Sure the acres of emerald grass, award-winning restaurants and colorful gardens popping from every nook are a draw, but I found the Spa Ojai (pronounced “Oh-High”) to be the chicest part of this Southern California resort by far.

Golf course at OjaiSeparated from the main resort complex by the rolling greens of the golf course and housed in a gorgeous adobe-style building, Spa Ojai excels at utilizing fresh and local ingredients in their ever changing spa menu. Lavender, rosemary and sage are all grown on the resort’s premises year round, and when combined with salt or sugar are fragrant as well as therapeutic body polish options. But the seasonal options are more fun: cocoa and pomegranate in the winter, pixie tangerine in the spring, lemon verbena and avocado in the summer and pumpkin spice in the fall.

The pixie tangerine treatment was de rigeur during my visit, and the citrusy scented scrub followed by mini massage left me glowing with radiant delight. What with the magnificent aromas of so many scented snacks wafting through the tiled halls of this decadent spa, you’re also bound to leave a little hungry.

Blooms in Ojai Valley

Sorry! Exterior photos only–cameras are not allowed inside the Spa Ojai.


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