Chicest Beer: Asahi, Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka bar for blog

Today’s Chic Adventure comes courtesy of my intrepid guest blogger, Steven Moore, aka the Twenty First Century Nomad.


Okay, so beer isn’t necessarily chic. But of all the contenders for this dubious title, Japan’s Asahi stands head and shoulders above all others in the opinion of this thirsty nomad.

And what better place to sample this chicest of beers than at an outdoor bar on the banks of the Nakagawa River in Fukuoka, Japan, accompanied by my partner in crime, Leslie “The Chic Adventurer” Patrick. With a lively crowd of both tourists and locals savoring every sip of the $10 bottles, and an ambiance enhanced by traditional Japanese lanterns hung from every stall, the atmosphere was grand indeed.

Asahi doesn’t come cheap, but its smooth, super dry taste works for me, and I’d say it more than deserves its self proclaimed title of ‘The Beer For All Seasons.’

喝采 Cheers!


Cover photo courtesy of the New York Times, other photos courtesy of the Nomad

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