Chicest Hostel: Downtown Beds, Mexico City, Mexico

Downtown Beds Beckons

It’s only recently that I’ve discovered the frugal beauty of the hostel. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I never had that travel-around-the-world-on-a-shoestring gap year, but instead began traveling in earnest only while holding a two-weeks-of-vacation per year “real job.” During that window of blissful escape from my cubicle, the last thing I wanted to do was stay in a crowded room full of sweaty backpackers.

But now that I have left the stifling 9-5 world for a life of full time freelance writing/vagabonding (with my partner, Steve Moore aka The Twenty First Century Nomad-check out his blog, it’s great!),  I have left the steady paycheck and the 4-star hotel life behind. Luckily for me, gone are the days when that means I must sacrifice style, or cleanliness for that matter, in my choice of accommodation.

Though I haven’t stayed here yet, this hostel looks chic enough to accommodate any adventurer…no matter what their pocketbook looks like.

Downtown Beds in Mexico City is about as chic as hostels come. Built in what were once the service quarters of a 17th century palace, Downtown Beds offers visitors not only a cheap bed in the world’s eighth largest city, it offers a ticket to award-worthy design accompanied by the social butterfly effect hostels innately elicit.

The Beds at DT Beds

Check in to a pristine room full of old world charm (white wooden floors, colorful latticed beds) that resounds with modern day comforts (wifi, foosball, free use of bikes). Add to that the rooftop pool and beer garden that serve as the hostel’s trendy gathering place, and you’ve got yourself the chicest hostel I’ve heard about yet.

DT Beds Roof

Mexico City trip 2014?

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  1. Pretty awesome hostel! Mexico City is such a busy and beautiful city to visit, do enjoy! :)”Like” button isn’t working but I like! ~ Global Jewelry

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