Thai Beauty Secret? Coconut Oil!

Coconut Haven

Although I usually post travel blogs on The Chic Adventurer, I’ve decided that it’s high time I mention some of the marvelous finds I encounter on my travels whether they be fashion, beauty, design or otherwise inspired. Let me know if you’re interested in hearing about more global finds!

A recent trip to Thailand introduced me to the myriad uses of coconut oil in my beauty arsenal. Oils like argan, grape seed and black currant have cropped up in recent years to tame frizzy hair, combat breakouts and even out skin tone , but coconut oil rivals even the most expensive as far as utility goes and smells like you just vacationed in the tropics. Skin care, hair care, even cooking…coconut oil is there nothing you cannot do?

The Chic Adventurer’s Top Five Uses for Coconut Oil: 

1. As leave-in conditioner. Look at any Thai woman and perhaps the first thing you’ll notice are her lustrous, shining locks. Coconut oil may be responsible for this fabulous, frizz-free phenomenon. Rub a dollop through the ends of wet strands and leave in overnight. Wash out in the morning and your hair will feel soft and silky enough to rival any Disney princess.

2. As skin softener. Dry skin no more, coconut oil can be used anywhere you would use body lotion. It may feel a bit greasy at first, but rub it into dry spots like elbows and heels and let the silkiness ensue.

3. As nail and cuticle relief. Rub this absorbent oil into cracked cuticles and dull nails and let the shine begin.

4. Stretch mark minimizer. Let’s face it, it’s not only pregnant women that worry about a gal’s worst skin nightmare–the stretch mark. Whether you’ve recently gained or lost weight, stretch marks can soon threaten. But keep thighs and hips slathered with this lubricating oil to keep your fears at bay.

5. As healthy cooking oil. You are what you eat as they say, and coconut oil makes for one of the healthiest and tastiest cooking oils on the market.

And the best part? This miraculous substance can be had for about 10 bucks a pop at your local grocery store.

Photo Credit: Steven Moore

2 responses to “Thai Beauty Secret? Coconut Oil!

  1. Coconut oil is awesome. I used it for all of the above and for oil pulling and eye makeup remover. It’s not easy to find the cold pressed extra virgin kind in Europe.

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