A Little Piece of Busan

No matter how many times you visit a place, there is always something new to be discovered. This is a truth I realized during my last trip to Busan. Admittedly, though I have only been to this coastal South Korean city a handful of times, I thought I had seen it all in the area of Haeundae beach. But last weekend, my boyfriend and I spotted a lighthouse, hidden amidst a distant rocky outcropping, and decided to see if we could find a path. Find one we did. It turned out there was a wooden coastal walkway all the way there, complete with suspension bridge, lookout points and gorgeous scenery of the East Sea.

Upon reaching the lighthouse, a man playing a banjo provided a musical backdrop for a beautiful sunset. We watched as sailboats and catamarans cruised the bay, and strained our eyes trying to see a Japanese island that is only visible 60 days of the year due to atmospheric mirages. An old Korean gentleman who spoke perfect English explained that we were visiting one of the Seven Wonders of Busan. As we watched the liquid gold light sparkle on the dancing waves, we had to agree with him.


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