Pretty, Pretty Paper

A constant swirl of color, Venice is a city more beautiful than even a dream could conjure. The moment I stepped from the train station and laid eyes on the Grand Canal, I felt I had been transported to another time and place, a place where water and light coalesce to create a magical, sparkling city. Nothing–not photographs or paintings–could ever do Venezia justice, I thought, until I found a tiny shop called Il Pavone.

Down a small alley cozied up to a meandering canal in the San Polo neighborhood, this paper product paradise, to me, embodied the spirit of Venice. Jewel like colors aswirl on notebooks, frames, decorative boxes, stationery and wrapping paper danced in a colorful soiree as bright and festive as a night during carnivale. Seeing my rapt expression and my gasping exclamations, the gregarious yet efficient owner led my friend and I to the back room for a quick tour of his workshop where he hand paints every item he sells in his darling boutique. He graciously explained how he mixes his colors and creates his stained-glass like patterns. His heavily accented English was difficult to understand, but the shop spoke for itself. I fell in love with the kaleidoscopic designs and the colors were as rich and gorgeous as a Venetian sunset over the lagoon. Choosing what to purchase was near to impossible, but I eventually settled on a journal with a jungly pattern in a splendid assortment of greens as a gift for my boyfriend.

Perhaps my love of paper stems from a childhood spent in my dad’s print shop, perhaps it’s because I am now a writer, but whatever the reason, Il Pavone spoke to me, and will always exist in my beautiful dream which was Venice.

Want to go? Il Pavone, di Pelosin Paolo, Campiello dei Meloni, San Polo, Venezia. Tel: 041-522-4296


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