Hi Seoul!

Old Seoul

Last week, two major typhoons were expected to rage across the Korean Peninsula, so what did I do? Went to Seoul of course! My great friend Annie and I were in need of a little R&R, and had planned a trip to the southern coast of Korea to see the tea plantations. But with heavy rain and wind predicted, we decided to re-route to the north so at least if the storm was raging outside, we could safely ensconce ourselves in one of Seoul’s mega malls, happily shopping and gorging on western food for days on end if we must. Fortunately, the weather was not as bad as predicted, and we were able to explore a virtually tourist-free Seoul despite our wet feet and wind-whipped umbrellas!

A vibrant metropolis where east meets west, Seoul is by far my favorite city in Korea. Insadong beckons with its old world charm, Gangnam dazzles with luxury boutiques and Itaewon offers a taste of home with Taco Bell and Quiznos Subs. It’s fashionable, historic, crowded, futuristic and simply buzzing with a dynamic, infectious energy. It’s Seoul week on the Chic Adventurer, so check back in each day for posts on “Gangnam Style,” Lotte World amusement park, the traditional village of Bukchon, shopping in Insadong, unusual vending machines and more Seoul fun!


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