Egypt’s Second Star

Luxor is a dusty city perched on the verdant banks of the Nile, as most Egyptian enclaves are, but what sets it apart is the vast role it played in Egyptian history. The ancient capital of the New Kingdom and previously called Thebes, Luxor is home to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and Karnak Temple, among many others–in fact, there is so much to see, Luxor is often dubbed “world’s greatest open-air museum.” For thousands of years, this city was the pinnacle of Egyptian life and death, leaving a legacy that has captured imaginations throughout the centuries. Today, Luxor is a cacophonous maze of sand blown streets filled with horse drawn carriages and hawkers touting papyrus scrolls and silver ankhs, but amidst the chaos you’ll find glimpses of a time when Pharaohs ruled, the sun was god and people lived and died by the whims of the mercurial Nile…

Want to read more? Check out the link below for the guest post I penned for Top Backpacking Destinations!’s-second-star-luxor-egypt.html


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