Bella Italia!

Oh Italy, how I love you. I have never even seen you, but judging from the amazing food and the gorgeous shoes you produce, I am already smitten. Faced with an imminent visa run from Korea, I was planning to fly to Laos for two weeks to take the ubiquitous monk photos and indulge in a cheap, exotic getaway. But upon further research, flights to my longed for destination–Italy–were only $200 more than a flight to Luang Prabang and thus the choice was easily made. I realize that the prices in Italy will be outrageously more expensive than it would have been in Laos, but I am willing to make that sacrifice in order to walk the latticework of cobbled streets, gorge on gelatto and pizza and take in more art than I’ve probably seen in my entire 31 years.

My itinerary? Spend the first week in a rented apartment in Rome, seeing the sights, ambling the streets for hours and taking myriad breaks to check out the wine selection of various trattoria. (Oh, and perhaps detour into a few shoe boutiques along the way!) Week two is more mercurial, but I intend to spend a day in Florence and spend some time in a rustic Tuscan village a la Frances Mayes. There is so much more I want to do, think Venice, Pompeii, Cinque Terre, but Italy isn’t going anywhere, so I will do what I can with the time I have. I anticipate loving the country so much, I expect I’ll be one of those people that cry when they must leave. But it’s ok, because even though it’s greedy to plan a trip while you’re already on a trip, I simply can’t resist.

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