My Sister in Africa


A few years back, my sister said to me, “You need to get a lady in Africa.” I kindly asked her to translate this cryptic message, and she went on to tell me about an organization called Women for Women International. This non-profit takes the “save the children” approach of sponsorship and applies it to women struggling in war ravaged countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan, teaching them a viable trade and helping them become self sufficient. My $30 a month goes to a woman named Francine who lives in the Congo. She is learning how to run her own business, and my sponsorship will help her buy a goat or some chickens so she can then sell the milk or eggs to support herself and her family. As I stare at the tiny, blurred photo of her work worn face, I feel immensely fortunate with my lot in life, and at the same time struggle with the fact that I am not doing nearly enough to help others. Sponsoring a sister is a start, but my second step is to spread the word about Women for Women International in the hopes that you’ll get a lady in Africa too. Meanwhile, I’ll be on the lookout for more ways to volunteer and help make the world a better place.

What’s your favorite organization? You know mine–

Photo Credit: Brady Welch,


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