Back to the Future


When I left Korea on New Year’s Eve last year, I thought it quite possible that I would never set foot in the ROK again. But time has passed, circumstances have changed and I find myself living for the past week in Ulsan, a sprawling city nestled on the peninsula’s southeast coast. I have been finding myself oddly comforted by the familiarities and quirks of my once homeland, and I am starting to relax into the culture yet again (except for maybe the food – sorry kimchi). I can pick out a few words and phrases, I am familiar with the exchange rate and heck! I’ve even made friends with the local convenience store owner across the street. Though this year promises to be drastically different than last seeing as I’ll be writing full-time instead of teaching, it’s still great to be back in my home away from home and getting to know it even better.

Photo: Sunset at the lake behind my new apartment.


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