In Prague

After the constant besiegement we endured on the streets of Egypt day in and day out during the month of February, it was heavenly to arrive back in Europe where I didn’t feel the need to hide in my hotel room lest one more street hawker coerce me into riding a (insert animal here) or buying a (ditto, tacky souvenir). I have never been to Prague before, but the moment we arrived I fell in love. The city seemed to emit a constant ethereal glow no matter what the weather happened to be doing. The red roofs, cobbled streets and castle on the hill screamed fairy tale, and I must admit that I did at times feel the urge to break into song Disney Princess style. I read that Prague is the sixth most visited European city, and rightly so. Not only is it visually stunning, but there are countless ways to enjoy one’s time including taking in the State Opera, marionette shows, shopping in Old Town, eating the famous (and very delicious) trdelnik pastries or simply wandering the picturesque streets whilst pondering the meaning of life. Though I was only in Prague for five days, it captured me, thus someday, Prague Round Two.

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