Pyramids? Check!

After two solid weeks of frolicking about Egypt, we landed in Cairo. A stew of cars, camels and protestors, I immediately felt that Cairo was not a place in which to linger. Burned out buildings and effigies hanging from lamp posts in Tahrir Square were stark reminders of the violent uprising that took place here merely one year ago. The atmosphere still seemed to me one of instability, and I’m sorry to say, made me feel a bit jittery. But, as the capital of Egypt and the home of the pyramids–an item on everyone’s bucket list–it was a must see.
Only in Cairo for one day, Steve and I narrowed our must do list to exploring the Egyptian Museum and the pyramids at Giza.
The Egyptian Museum was as much of a relic as the crumbling relics found inside. It seemed as though loads of antiquities had been dumped there over the years and though a precious few were sorted and labeled, the majority of these were abandoned in dark corners to gather dust for a few thousand more years. My mom had mentioned that she visited (and subsequently fainted in) the museum in the 60s, and I’m fairly certain the place looked exactly the same. My favorites are always the everyday life type pieces such as the unusual tools used for applying cosmetics and the intricately carved game board pieces. The sparkling treasure found in King Tut’s tomb was of particular fascination, as the whole collection seemed freshly minted when compared to the other artifacts. Although dimly lit and poorly labeled, the Egyptian Museum, filled as it is with the plunder of the pharaohs, was well worth the effort.
Next, the pyramids! Due to a very unfortunate snafu with our driver due to alleged road construction, we arrived at the pyramids too late to enter the official grounds–devastating news as our Cairo visit spanned only one day. But we made the best of it and rode camels as close as we were allowed outside the fence, and luckily we could spot them quite well from the backs of Tiger and Ramses. The jolting, awkward gait of the camel was too much for me, and I nearly plummeted to my death a few times, but in the end managed to escape with only a sore bum. Though disappointed that we only saw the fabled monoliths from a distance, and the sphinx for only a flash of an instant from the back of our speeding car, the experience was unforgettable to say the least.


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