Walk Like an Egyptian

The ram headed sphynxes lining the entrance to Karkak Temple in Luxor.

I felt that Egypt would be just like this, and yet nothing like this. The dusts of 1,000 mummies swirls in the air, clogging the noses of people and dogs and horses descended from ancient times. Looking at the squalor and desperation on people’s faces, and the crumbling facades of the grotty buildings doesn’t exactly inspire the power and ingenuity of the ancient Egyptian civilization, and I feel sorry for the modern day Egyptians I see begging on the streets for backsheesh, when steps away lie the proud ruins of their past, a sombre testament to the reality and inexorability of change.

I am thrilled to be in Egypt, surrounded by thousands of years of history. The ancient temples rife with heiroglyphics are stunning, particularly that of Karnak, which was so dazzling that it deserves it’s own blog (coming soon). The Valley of the Kings was appropriately eerie, but one can only visit so many tombs before heiroglyphic overload sets in. And a Nile cruise for my birthday! That too will soon have it’s own blog. We are in Aswan currently, an ancient stronghold of the Egyptians and home to the largest man made body of water in the world, Lake Nasser, but in a few days we will head to Cairo for the quintessential Egypt experience, the pyramids!

Modern day Egypt surrounds the Avenue of Sphynxes leading from Karnak Temple to Luxor Temple.

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