Morocco Moment

The birds are atwitter and the bright Moroccan sun is doing it’s best to penetrate my ghostly white skin as I bask on the rooftop of my riad in the medina of Marrakech. The exotic rapture of the place has long drawn my attention, and now that I’ve seen it for myself I want to throw caution to the wind, buy a riad and live a spicily scented, couscous filled bohemian lifestyle in North Africa. The sudden holler of the muezzin as he calls the faithful to prayer reverberates across the city suddenly slicing through my daydream, and I can feel the energy of travel and experiences yet to come coursing through my veins. A camel ride through the desert? Skiing in the snow-topped Atlas Mountains? A horse-drawn carriage ride through the lantern strewn medina after sunset? I’m really not sure yet, but that’s exactly how I like it.


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