Jolly good, old chap!

The England I like to imagine is a Jane Austen style place, where thatched roof cottages puff whimsical tendrils of smoke, silk and lace clad ladies take a turn in exquisitely manicured gardens and dashing, gentrified men like John Willoughby in “Sense and Sensibility” ride along the roads to sweep unsuspecting women off their daintily slippered feet. Sadly, I’m visiting England about 200 years too late to experience such things, but hey…a girl can dream! My reality in England for the past 10 days, though nothing like a Jane Austen novel, has involved exploring the English countryside, ooh-ing and aah-ing at the many quaint buildings I pass, ambling through the ancient city of Norwich, eating massive amounts of Kit Kats (British Kit Kats are divine!) and trolling the many Boots stores for beauty products not found in America. Surely, had Elizabeth Bennet been alive today (and had she been a real person), she would have happily joined me for a pint of cider and a day of shopping on the high street. Cheers to jolly old England!

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