What I’m Reading Now

I won't use my blog as another avenue to get up on my soap box to maniacally praise my Kindle, but I will reiterate here how much I love it. It ceases to amaze me that I can purchase and download a book in mere seconds, and begin reading said book in less than a minute – all the way over in Korea no less. Thank you Kindle inventors!

Eat, Pray, Love and Committed
By Elizabeth Gilbert
This woman is one of my favorite authors because she reminds me of me. Page after delightful page, her words ring true in my ears, constantly causing my internal dialogue to shout, "I feel the same way! I understand! You are so right!" Maybe it's because my life recently has mirrored hers (a writer goes through a painful divorce, then travels the world in a desperate attempt to find herself) or perhaps due to the fact that I love her inexorably clever turns of phrase, but Gilbert's personal search (and research) for happiness and balance in her life never fails to inspire me. (Trust me, I've read Eat, Pray, Love about five times!)


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