Japanese Journey

Ever since I was 12 and artfully persuaded my mom to enroll me in twice-weekly Japanese classes, I have harbored a insatiable fascination with the Land of the Rising Sun. The tranquility of the tea gardens and the delicate beauty of a perfectly knotted kimono juxtaposed with the hypermodernity of Japanese technology and infrastructure are, in a word, intriguing, and I for one could not wait to get this particular stamp in my passport. Even though I didn’t visit Tokyo, the most obvious of Japanese destinations, I still felt as though I have been dipped into a misama of Japanese culture—certainly not enough to quell my insatiable curiosity (another trip is definitely on the horizon), but enough to glean a subtle insight into the historically vast Japanese culture. Baseball in Fukuoka, the a-bomb Dome in Hiroshima and the tame deer of Miyojima are all part of my Japan contents page, and will shortly be gracing the e-pages of this blog. Stay tuned!


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