The Letter M

Words can be massively sexy, particulrly when used with spellbinding accuracy. I have decided though, that my word addiction isn’t quite as sexy as I may have hoped considering that I am one of the slightly eccentric people who ready the dictionary for pleasure.

I have long determined that my favorite words of all time begin with an L. Luminous, luxurious, lovely, langorous…I could wax rhapsodic for days. But upon flipping to the L’s today in the Oxford English dictionary, I inadvertently stumbled onto the M’s. I discovered that M is a marvelouse letter of its own, and there are myriad M words that I find simply magnificent!

Among my favorites: macabre, malevolent, maudlin, mercurial, moribund, malapropism, melifluous, mediocre, monotonous, multifarious, multifaceted, mustachioed. And the list goes on. What chapter of the dictionary will capture my fancy next? Stay tuned to find out.

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