Daisy – In love!

Is it verging on the inane to name one’s bicycle? Not sure, but I prefer to think of it as whimsically creative. Since the sultry summer has arrived in Daugu, I decided that a bike would definitely be the coolest way to get around (both literally and figuratively) with the least amount of effort and therefore sweat. Call me vain, but I didn’t want just any bike, I wanted it to be just so—cute and retro with a stylish flair thrown in for good measure. In short, I wanted one that would lend me an Audrey Hepburn pedaling through the streets of Paris with wine and a baguette poking out of the basket kind of bike. So when I clapped eyes on Daisy, a yellow and white old school style street cruiser, I knew she was for me. Her streamlined aesthetic and cheery marigold hue make me smile when I see her (she’s a girl you know), and as I ride to school and back each day I feel that I exude a gamine chic that Audrey herself would be proud of.


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