Supersized Buddha

The halcyon face of Buddha stares down at me placidly, while I blink unbelievingly back, unable to comprehend the immensity of the resplendant figure splayed before my eyes. I am standing in Wat Pho, aka Temple of the Reclining Buddha, both the oldest and largest temple in the city of Bangkok. The Buddha in question is gold plated, 150 feet long, 49 feet high and the mother of pearl decorations on the statue’s feet display the 108 characteristics that represent the true Buddha. The statue truly is dazzling to behold, twinkling in the rays of sunlight able to penetrate the thick whorls of smoke spiraling up from fragrant sticks of incense. It is my last day in Bangkok, and wholly fitting that my final memory of Thailand is of the country’s most venerated god — the personification of what is good and perfect in the world. The kind and gracious people of Thailand truly live up to the teachings of Buddha, and I will never forget the time I spent in this beautiful nation.


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