Phi Phi = Paradise

Ahh, Koh Phi Phi! The quintessential Thai islands that we expected! Finally after an overcrowded hour-and-a-half-ferry ride from Phuket on which we had to endure watching tiny, young Asian women slather their fat, old (aka rich and white) new boyfriends with sunscreen, we set eyes upon the Phi Phi Island chain. A string of limestone islands jutting precariously from the Andaman Sea make up the island group, but only the largest, Phi Phi Don is inhabited and accomodates overnight tourists.
We started our day with a quick boat ride over to the second smallest island, Phi Phi Leh. The crystalline water gently splashed the base of the island’s rock face, creating the unusual concave rim effect that you see on Thailand’s rocky islands. Maya Bay, where the movie, “The Beach” was filmed, was a turquoise and cerulean swirl that looked unbelieveably inviting. No Leo though.
Snorkeling amongst the coral reefs of Phi Phi Don, we saw fish of every size and color. Neon pink and purple 80s fish, black and yellow striped fish that resembled floating bumble bees and pure black fish that looked as though they were wearing a smear of orange lipstick. After we began to feel a little too close to shark bait, we hit the beach on Phi Phi Don. There the white sand sloped gently down to perfect aqua water. The remainder of our day was spent gleefully splashing and sunning on this sunny island wonderland.  

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