Little Guesthouse of Horrors

You would think a beach front location, hammocks lining the shore and a $15 per night rate would make for an idyllic hotel experience. But get a glimpse of a room at the Kep Seaside Guesthouse and you would quickly change your mind. We have come to discover the true meaning of the word "guesthouse"– dirty, smelly and cheap. After finding the rooms at two nicer places booked we checked into this establishment. Upon walking into our room (which Lonely Planet described as big and breezy) an overwhelming stench of stale urine hit me. Followed by a slightly more subtle aroma of mildew. Flipping the light switch revealed mold on the walls and covering the ceiling fan. I won't even go into the bathroom. The sheets looked semi clean (although a bottom sheet only) so I laid my head down on the pillow. It reeked of mold and a closer look under the pillow case revealed that it was indeed green and white polka dotted. After stripping my bed of everything but the bottom sheet, I used my scarf as a tiny blanket and my bag of dirty laundry as a lumpy pillow. Needless to say, this goes on my running list of most uncomfortable nights ever spent.


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