At Your Service

We love Sihanoukville! Our beachfront hotel has clean sheets and an ocean view for only $20 a night. Sure we saw a gecko crawling on the wall, but it was small and as long as no snakes come creeping in, we're good. Just next door to our hotel is a dreamlike beachfront restaurant. Housed in an open air, thatched roof hut with dogs and children running through, the restaurant proffers entire meals–including beer–for under $5.00! Not to mention that the food tastes fresh and delicious; if you actually get to eat it that is. Armies of children continuously stream by, "you buy my fruit," "you buy my shrimps," "you buy my bracelet," they chant inexorably. If we said no, they ask why. If we say we have no money, they say "you lie." If we say we already bought some, they say, "but you no buy from me." The children are very conniving and guilt-tripped us into buying things. Of course we felt bad and tried to spread the wealth, but there are only so many anklets and beaded bracelets one can buy. After I refused to buy yet another friendship bracelet from one little girl, she asked me if I was married. When I told her yes, she threatened me by saying "I wish I have your husband's phone number so I could call him and tell him you have new Cambodian boyfriend with big banana." Another little girl told Ashley "the reason you have no husband is because you no buy my bracelet." After spending four day's worth of our Cambodian budget in one day on sarongs, bracelets, kramas, woven fishes and shrimps, manicures, pedicures, massages, and threading (Cambodian-style hair removal), we paid them to go away and went to hide in our hotel room.


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