What do you get when you cross a zoo, carnival rides, a lake and manicured gardens together? Dam Sen Park in Ho Chi Minh City. This sprawling pleasure park is filled with strange sights and an even stranger pseudo Disneyland feel. Mickey, Donald and Goofy coexist with dancing bumble bees, dragons and unidentifiable Asian anime characters. Dam Sen hosts your run of the mill roller coasters, but the most interesting attraction may be the mammoth warehouse-type building that is literally a giant freezer. After you’re given your winter parka, in attractive colors such as neon orange and yellow, you walk from the dripping tropical heat into a blast of Arctic air. A massive space filled with ice-sculptures made to look like castles, dragons and Buddhas lies before you. The sculptures are so large that you can walk inside or on top of them. Whatever you do, just don’t stick out your tongue.


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